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All of Danielle’s Donuts are baked cake donuts, not fried, and are on the smaller side

A dozen donuts can be mixed with up to three different kinds

The churro

This spiced cake donut covered in cinnamon sugar will take you back to warm summer days at a fiesta or the amusement park



A mint tea and peppermint infused donut, perfectly paired with a warm cup of tea and a good book



A vegan donut’s take on a classic cake mix, this vanilla cake donut has sprinkles inside and out. Fit for birthdays or a party of one



A simple chocolate donut covered in powdered sugar. A little bit messy, a whole lot of tasty


Muffin meets donut! A soft, vanilla cake donut with a hint of lemon, studded with blueberries and coated in a light glaze - these babies taste like a warm summer morning

Lemon lavender

A lemon donut with lavender glaze – this lil’ gem is a customer favorite


chocolate Chile

Inspired by the baker’s time in New Mexico, this chocolate donut with red chile glaze is for those who like it a bit spicy



Gooey, frgrant glaze atop a spiced donut. Just add flannel and firewood



A chocolate donut with a gooey peanut butter center, sure to satisfy your peanut butter day dreams


*Please note, these donuts come with eight to a box instead of a dozen, for they are larger than the other donuts. 


Double chocolate walnut

Part crunchy, part soft, both salty and sweet, this cookie remains a favorite of Danielle’s family and friends

Peanut butter 

A naturally gluten-free cookie, this soft and chewy gem replicates the classic


pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon caramel pecan

This seasonal version of Danielle’s classic vegan cheesecake features a homemade caramel sauce and lots of pumpkin spice

* Cakes can be made to order and have ranged from gluten-free red velvet to vanilla bean to a donut wedding cake!

classic cheesecake

A dairy-free and naturally gluten-free take on a creamy, slightly tart cheesecake

chocolate cream pie

A vegan take on buttery, flaky crust, a lush chocolate center and a light whip topping, with more shaved chocolate on top for good measure

If you have something in mind that you’d like me to bake but don’t see it listed, please feel free to inquire. I can make almost anything gluten free or fit your other dietary needs upon request.

also available upon request:

homemade peanut butter cups

cranberry bread

apple crumble pie